Future posts

Here is a list of all of the investigations that I’ve conducted that I could publish but haven’t yet. Any requests?

  • Stuff on UK House Prices
  • Optimum strategies playing TV game show “The Colour of Money”
  • Eurovision Song Contest voting biases
  • Understanding the dynamics of used car prices and how to estimate a fair price from data on car advert sites
  • Working out the ideal locations for hospitals in the UK
  • How to get the optimal return from investments on Zopa
  • Gender differences in 360 feedback data
  • More stuff on movies using IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes:
    • Update on top-rated trilogies
    • Movies with a big difference between ratings from the public and from critics
  • 2011 Census
    • Maps of 2011 Census data showing overall affluence
    • The relationship between census affluence and distance from London
    • The relationship between education, age and occupation in a neighbourhood

5 thoughts on “Future posts

  1. All sounds good! 🙂 I’d be most interested in hearing about the Eurovision voting biases, ideal locations for hospitals (which I’ve always wondered about) and the impact of speed of fuel consumption.


  2. I vote for the dynamics of second hand car prices.
    Including: why are seemingly second hand cars cheaper in the UK than in Spain (Europe as well?) – something to do with right hand drive.
    Why do cars depreciate so much in the first year.
    what will be the effect of the 2k government “cash inna banger” subsidy.


  3. Eurovision!! Preferably including: has Terry Wogan bowed out too early? And will the loss of his pithy insults weaken the solidarity between enemy voting blocs?


  4. The housing and Zopa studies interest. Also, how about plotting house prices against the proportion of the population that is of working age? There was a paper on this out of the Fed a few years ago which predicted the current slump.


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