Bellringing Survey

Over 10 years ago I, together with my sister Elva, my mum Marion, along with Simon Linford and Alan Regin, created a survey designed to dig into what characteristics made someone well-suited to becoming a church bellringer, and particularly to whether they were going to have the potential to ‘go far’.

Follow this link to read the article we wrote summarising the results: Ringing Survey Results 2004.

In summary, the key points were:

  • Factors that are associated with ringing advancement and ability include:
    • Years ringing
    • Age when you started (the younger the better) – very rarely do people who start ringing as adults achieve high levels of advancement.
    • Opportunities to ring with other good ringers
    • Number of peals rung
    • Being ambitioius
    • Time prepared to be given regularly to ringing
    • Fitting the image
    • Conceptual preferences
    • Attention and stamina
    • Memory and Adaptability
    • Good sense of rhythm
    • Visual skills
    • Hearing skills
  • Factors NOT associated with ringing progress:
    • Being tough-minded
    • Sociability
    • Ringing out of a sense of duty
    • Current age
    • Whether you got started through a family connection

We’ve now got a revised version, and if you’re a bellringer you’d be very welcome to try it out. It’s similar in some ways but has a few improvements and additions. In due course we hope to be able to let people see their individual profile after they’ve done it, but for now you’ll just be contributing your data, which will be much appreciated!

Ringing Motivation Profiler

Thank you very much. Watch this space, and The Ringing World, for updates.

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